photos on my birthday

Me =]
Sometimes I make Anthony take photos of me. He doesn’t like to (reason number 453589483hf4 that’s I’m not a fashion blogger), so it doesn’t happen often. That, coupled with the fact that I don’t like having my picture taken or how I look in photos means that I don’t have very many pictures of myself. Then add to that that the other three photos Anthony took were blurry–even though the camera was in auto-mode–and it’s really surprising that I ended up with two photos that I actually like.

Me =]
These photos were taken last week on my birthday. It was a good day! I cleaned the house in the morning (yes, I’m weird and enjoy cleaning), then went to see Hunger Games with Anthony, my brothers, and Lori and Lynsey, and then Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I’m probably the only person you know who was happy to wipe down her fridge on her birthday, huh? But I’m weird. You should know that by now.

How did you spend your last birthday?

7 thoughts on “photos on my birthday

  1. Sounds like a great day!! We spent my birthday at an indoor trampoline park, also after Buffalo Wild Wings!! Though, the two didn’t exactly mix very well and I’ve kind of given it up since. Jeremy is also really weird about taking photos of me. It’s not that he hates taking them, it’s just that he is really terrible at it. And he knows it too.

  2. I actually had looked up trampoline parks after seeing your post! But since Hunger Games came out the weekend of my birthday it was just too convenient (and cheaper).

    I’m not sure why Anthony doesn’t like taking pics of me–I think he just thinks it’s weird that I post photos of myself on the internet or something.

  3. mmmmmmm wings! my tummy is just now nice and full of them 🙂 I’m really glad you got him to take some pictures, sometimes you just have to make it happen or you’ll end up old and not able to remember anything 🙂

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