INDIEana Handicraft Exchange

Indieana Handicraft Exchange

Last Saturday, Lynsey and I went to the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange which was pretty cool! I wanted to buy everything! I really didn’t snap too many photos, I am always hesitant to take shots of peoples’ booths as I’ve been told off before for doing it. So I only took a handful of shots, but managed to buy some pretty neat stuff. =]

I ran into Talia from Conduit Press while I was there, which was nice since even though we have mutual friends I don’t think we had ever met in person (though I read her blog). She makes some really pretty leather books, wallets, and bags, so I nabbed a cute little credit card holder from her. Perfect for tucking into a pocket with my credit card and id when I don’t want to drag a full purse around! I also got an awesome wooden necklace from 1337 Motif, a cute bear pin from Sadly Harmless, and some popcorn for a friend’s birthday from Just Pop In.

I only got mildly sunburned, and had a great time, so I think it was quite a successful day, even though Lynsey and I were quite confused and managed to miss a lot of the booths the first time around! I swear, that place was like a maze inside and I’m pretty sure the rooms kept shifting around just to mess with us.

Have you been to any fairs lately?

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4 thoughts on “INDIEana Handicraft Exchange

  1. So did you get some stuff for your Indie gift box project? Or at least any booth owners that would be interested in participating??

  2. I have some possibilities for future boxes. =] I unfortunately don’t have cards or anything made yet, so I felt awkward telling people, “hey, give me some of your products, I’m a totally legit company that wants to box them up and sell them” lol

  3. I love 1337 Motif and Sadly Harmless’s stuff. Sally is a friend of a friend and co-creator of Bloomington Handmade Market, which is a lovely show (and I hope to be in it again this year!) That bear pin is awesome! It’s like you won a medal for being awesome, and it somehow involves bears.

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