Dinner, Drinks, Turtles, and Hookah


These photos were taken a few weeks ago when my brothers came over for dinner and drinks at the Monon Food Company. Anthony and I live in a really walk-able part of town, so when people come over we like to walk down the trail with them, get some dinner at a local restaurant, and hang out and look at turtles. We’re pretty cool like that.

Dinner was good, we had waffled on whether to try the MoFoCo or stick with our usual Broad Ripple Brewpub (which is right across the street) and decided we should try something new. I did like the Monon Food Company, and had a really good (bottled) beer there, but think the Brewpub’s pizza is better, and prefer beer on tap. Still, the Monon Food Company wasn’t bad at all, and we had a great table on the porch where we hung out and chatted for quite a while. We had debated over going to Brics after dinner for ice cream, but were too full. Tragic. That place is awesome.

After dinner and drinks everyone came back to our apartment (stopping to look at turtles on the bridge on the way!) and we smoked hookah outside in our apartment’s common area by the pool (unfortunately, we don’t have any private outdoor space with our apartment). It was a nice evening, and a good change from my usual couch-lounging, Netflix-watching ways.

Do you have any local places you like to go?

6 thoughts on “Dinner, Drinks, Turtles, and Hookah

  1. One of our favorite places to go also involved Hookah, and we went there this last weekend!! Afrah Mediterranean Restaurant & Pastries is an authentic arabic-style mediteranian resturant. They make their own gellato and baklava in house, serve amazing tea and coffee (even mud style coffee) and have amazing favorites like falafel, kebab, shwarma and the like. Ugh, so good and so reasonably prices. Also SO MUCH FOOD! I’m still eating off my leftovers from Friday.

    It’s one of our favorite go-to places to take people around Dallas. The other is a pizza joint downtown called Serious Pizza.

    Damn. now I’m hungry. lol

  2. That sounds like a fun evening! We don’t have any fun local eateries here, which is why Mike and I go crazy when we vacation. I want to eat with the locals somewhere laid-back and drink local beer (pre-pregnancy). One of my favorite places that we’ve visited is Tyler’s Restaurant and Taproom in Durham, NC. Can’t wait to go back!

  3. We love to try local places when we travel too! We really don’t go out too much here, but it’s nice that it’s so easy for us to walk into town and try local food!

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