In search of fair donuts

In search of fair donuts

Every year since I started 4-H back when I was 11 (15 years ago!) I’ve gone to the county fair. Well, except when I was in Germany, obviously, I didn’t fly home to go to a fair. But I certainly have gone to the fair quite a few times since I was 11!

Wait, do you start 4-H when you’re 11, or is that Hogwarts? Maybe you start 4-h younger, because I’m pretty sure I got my 10-year pin when I was 18 and that was the last year I could do 4-h.

So I guess I’ve been going to the county fair every year since I was 8 or 9.

Anyhow, after I no longer had projects in the fair and realized how disgusting and dangerous the rides were, there were only two things that kept me going back. The first was delicious cream soda which is the best thing ever when you’re walking around a hot fair, and the second are tasty donuts! I don’t normally like donuts, but these ones are great. Fresh cake donuts covered in powdered sugar or cinnamon. Yum! Paired with a cream soda and a hot day, you’ve got the perfect combo.

So when the fair came into town (a little earlier than usual this year) Anthony and I headed out, picked up my younger brothers, and went on our way to the fair. We needed to stop to get some cash so pulled into a bank. By the time we got back to Anthony’s car a lot of steam was coming from under the hood, which is never a good sign. After some initial “aw crap, the car is fried!” thoughts we found that it was it was just his coolant leaking like crazy and not a problem with the radiator, so after filling it with some water we made it to the fair.

First top, cream soda. Next stop, donuts. Wait, first a sidetrack to look at 4-H projects. Not very exciting anymore. Now, donuts!

Wait, alligator on a stick? Guess we’ll try that.

The alligator tasted like a mix of chicken and pork, and was really greasy and cost $7 so unless you just want to say that you tried alligator, you can skip the purchase because it’s not very good.

Now, donut time for real!

A dozen donuts and some fresh cream sodas (what?) later, we were seated and enjoying a crazy amount of sugar. And then, we were done with the fair. We didn’t bother wandering the midway or looking at animals this year. We really just wanted the donuts and soda. And yes, we drove an hour (each way) to get them. And Anthony’s car had to go back to the shop at the end of the day. But they were good!

8 thoughts on “In search of fair donuts

  1. I lOVEd our county fair growing up. The cinnamon rolls & hot pretzels, with an italian ice, were always what kept me going back. That and the school bus demolition derby. I miss it now, for sure!

  2. If I remember right, Cloverbuds are K-3, and then 4-H is grade 4 and on… so, I’m guessing you were 9 or 10 when you started.

    I did 4-H for 4 years, from 4th-8th grade… and I won a purple best in show ribbon for some cookies I made one year… and another year our group did a volunteer shift in the ice cream stand that the 4-H ran at the fair, so that was kinda fun (and the only time I ever worked in food service… LOL.)

    My parents were huge fair goers when I was a kid, we went to all of them that were in NH, but minus the food and the one ride per fair that I was allowed to go on… I remember kinda hating them because my dad would make me sit and watch horse pulls and antique tractor pulls for hours at a time, and then drag me through the crowded business expo booths where we wouldn’t ever buy anything but we’d have to go look.

    At least when I had stuff in the fair, it was a little more interesting!

  3. I used to HAAAATE going to the fair as a kid. We didn’t go until I was about 9 or 10 because there wasn’t one to go to. And then we moved to Ohio. It’s so stinky and dirty and the people are disgusting and there are squished french fries all over the ground and it’s loud and crowded and gross. It wasn’t until I started going with Rich that I had any positive experiences. Now I go check out the sheep and sometimes pick up a fleece. We visit the horses and the olde time village and the Civil War reenacters and look at the giant pumpkins and crappy art work. And sometimes we get unusual food items to share, like cheesecake on a stick (very good). But I still think it stinks.

  4. Oh goodness Erin, why do you do this to me?! haha no but seriously, those donuts, oh my gosh I could probably eat a bazillion of them! 🙂 haha the fair sounds amazing!

  5. 9 sounds right… I don’t think I was 10 yet. We never did that kind of stuff at the fairs, we just looked at projects and hung out with our friends who practically lived at the fair because they showed animals. Was pretty fun for us! We only really went on rides one or two of the years… They were gross. lol

  6. Ewww, haha, your fair sounds nasty! I loved going to the fair, but mostly because we got to hang out with our friends all day. Ours is pretty clean too!

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