Dinner with Shawnelle

Dinner with Shawnelle
About a month ago Shawnelle was in town to drive down to a funeral with me. Our mutual friend’s father unexpectedly passed away so Shawnelle flew in from California and road-tripped down to Bloomington with Anthony and me. That part was sad. But since she was here for a few days we did spend some time hanging out and having a bit of fun too.

We bought matching dresses (in different colors) from Target and went out to dinner (drinks) at a local restaurant. Of course there were photos of everything.

If you’re local (Indianapolis), this beer is really good. I would know, I drank four of them that night. It’s a crisp, sour beer that’s a bit fruity. It doesn’t really taste like alcohol, so you can drink a lot of them. The only downside is that they come in small glasses. Or maybe you have to ask for a big glass? I don’t know. But they’re good.

I think almost every time I go to the Brewpub I get nachos. They’re good. Really good. I could eat a whole pile myself if people would let me, but I always end up sharing.

After four beers it was getting a little dark so even though we probably would have liked a fifth beer (we were having a good time!) we decided to go since it was getting dark and we had to walk back. We had a really good time though; chatting, drinking, and getting silly! Hopefully it won’t be long before we get to do it again (though I’d hope when we see each other again it’s under happier circumstances!), I love hanging out with this girl!

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  1. A friend of mine is always taking about BR Brew Pub and it was my mission to go this summer, but it didn’t happen. I’ll just have to make it my fall mission now.

  2. Friday!! We went out for Mexican food, had a super secret dip that’s not on the menu and caught up. It was really nice. However my friend doesn’t drink alcohol, so we just enjoyed a couple of sodas instead. :3

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