Zombie Walk

zombie walk 02
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Here’s a really terrible story about me becoming a zombie:

One day, I was walking into town wearing nurses’ scrubs and I ran across three zombies. I tried to run away, but one of them bit me. I died.

Then I walked around with a bunch of other zombies.

I was making a stupid face the whole time, and took awkward photos of myself to put on my zombie blog.

I scared some children.

Then, since I couldn’t find any good brains to eat, I went to Jimmy John’s with some of the zombies (including the one who bit me).

I bit him back.

The end.

I should totally write a book, amirite? Anyhow, this was the second year I’ve done the local Zombie Walk (I first did it back in 2010, here’s a photo!). While I do enjoy getting dressed up and appreciate the walk is for a good cause, it gets kind of boring. Basically you’re in a huge group of people, walking really slowly, and freezing because it’s cold outside. It’s fun for a while, but not anything thrilling. Some people get really into it, and this year there were even zombie hunters camped on top of a car and “shooting” at us, so that was kind of neat. I don’t know, I guess I’m no fun. Oh well, braaaaiiiiins!

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