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apartment living room

I thought it would be kind of fun to show you all my apartment. I live and work in a fairly small space (about 750 square feet, and I’m sure they count our closet) with Anthony, so I try to keep it fairly clean or else we trip over everything. I didn’t specially clean for you, I just picked a few things up, so you can see what it really would look like if you stopped by unexpectedly. Me in pajamas with messy hair not included.

When you first walk into our apartment there’s a wall, so if you go immediately left you see our main living space. We got that giant ugly couch at a yardsale for about $20. I cover it with a blanket my mom crocheted because it was chewed up by the previous owner’s dog. I’m waiting for that to become cool hipster decor in the blogosphere. I got the wall hanging in the living room from when Anthony and I went to Turkey. The cables running all over the place are courtesy of Comcast, who knows how to add a nice touch of unfinished-industrial-style to your home.

If you look even more left, you’ll see my bike. Anthony parks his there too, but he was at work when I took these photos. We have really nice grease stains on our carpet from our bikes. I try to minimize them with that ugly brown carpet, but have pretty much given up. I think the weights add a nice touch of class as well.

Behind our couch is my office/Anthony’s gaming area. We’re rarely both in this space at once, so the fact it’s small isn’t too bad. I’m a little jealous he got the window, but I needed the wall space for all my white boards. That awesome window covering that Anthony hates I got at Camden markets when I visited London.

The bookshelf by our bar used to house my craft supplies, but now it’s home to Indie Gift Box and a few business and WordPress reference books. I keep another hundred or two shipping boxes in our closet, and recently purchased some big Rubbermaid bins to keep IGB items in which will also live in our closet. Since I took these photos those boxes on the side have been sorted and put into IGB Holiday Boxes and mailed off. Soon I’ll be getting more IGB items though.

apartment kitchen

If you went right instead of left when you came in the front door, you would find yourself in our kitchen. It’s pretty small, and there’s no pantry, so we actually keep most of our non-perishable food in our linen closet in our bathroom. If you want, I’ll let you do some pullups on our pullup bar. Anthony always beats me (I can only do 3, max).

We have a ton of junk on our fridge: photos, recipes, awards, etc. Anthony has an award for riding a 100-mile race on his bike, and I have an award for my cat who got grand champion in the 4-H cat show back in 1997. I’m not sure why I have that, let alone why I display it on my fridge. Besides the fact that he was an awesome cat.

The postcards on the first wall are from Strasbourg, and were too pretty not to display. The framed photos are ones I took while traveling (Cinque Terre, Lake Bled, and Venice). The little kitty cross-stitch above the sink is from another craft swap.

You can’t see my french press in this photo, but it’s next to the pretty red kettle along with a giant (Costco-sized) container of coffee. That’s my favorite part of our apartment. haha =P

That’s all for now, if I can ever get enough light in the other parts of apartment I’ll show you our bathroom/closet/bedroom, but it’s really dark back there and they are messier and less decorated than what I just showed you… Probably not worth showing off!

What’s your place like? I’d love to see photos!

4 thoughts on “Apartment Tour

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love creeping around other people’s homes, especially apartments. Maybe I’ll take some pictures of our place too. We’ve cleaned up for Thanksgiving and the sun is out today! Usually it’s a pretty ragged mess.

  2. This is a very inspiring post for me. I love how you organize your space. When you featured your home office before, I totally imagined it to be WAY bigger and I was thinking, “I wish I had at least half the space she has to work with.”

    This post totally gave some perspective. I have to keep whining about my tiny space (we live in a very expensive city and forced to rent a small room) and make the most of it.

  3. I love it – is it weird that I love being huge snoop and looking into other people’s lives?
    You have a nice apartment, Erin!

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