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So, I haven’t really posted about my upcoming wedding since I posted about trying on wedding dresses… Well, I found a dress I liked, it happens to be a bridesmaid dress which I’m getting in ivory. I haven’t been fitted in it yet, so I haven’t really been able to figure out the exact accessories I want, but I’m leaning toward something like I’ve shown here. I think a simple headband (I don’t like veils) would be nice, and I actually don’t really want a bolero, but my bacne is determined to stay on my shoulders, so bolero it is! Since Anthony is only about 3 inches taller than I am and my dress is long I’m really leaning toward flat sandals that I can wear again.

I haven’t figured out jewelry yet. I guess something crystal-y like the shoes/headband, but I think I just want it to be really simple since the bolero is going to make the dress seem a lot busier… If I didn’t have to wear a bolero I’d consider a pretty statement necklace, but right now I’m thinking just something simple and silver.

Have I even blogged about our wedding plans at all? I don’t think I have. Anyhow, we’re getting married in March, on a cruise. A lot of my friends are coming, and I’m really looking forward to it! I am kind of sad that since it’s a destination wedding that some of my friends can’t make it… But I’m really looking forward to getting to travel a bit, even if it is the laziest form of traveling!

It’s been kind of a hassle figuring out who is coming and getting rooms organized. I think we’re finished with that part though, and in January we get to actually start planning the wedding. I’m not really sure what kind of ceremony or anything we’re going to have, but probably something pretty simple. We might have to incorporate some cultural things in, probably mostly Irish and Jewish traditions, but we might get the German and Italian sides in there too. I kind of figure those are probably things that my mom and Anthony’s mom will have ideas for!

So… Anyhow, I’m pretty much the most disinterested bride possible when it comes to little details and the “big day.” We (my mom and I) had originally planned on having a wedding locally, but the cost was pretty astronomical for even a lunch-time wedding (no alcohol), and the amount of work was pretty crazy. We had originally thought of having the wedding on Memorial Day weekend and turning it into a kind of camp-out after the ceremony and reception. It would have been pretty cool, but a lot of work since we would have had to overhaul the campground to make it wedding-acceptable. I mean, I think it’s awesome that these ladies DIY their weddings and come up with all these cute little details, but I’m really happy that all I really have to do is figure out what I’m wearing and show up on the ship.

Also, since most of my friends would have had to fly to Indiana anyhow and get a hotel for the weekend (2-3 nights, longer if they came for bachelorette party), we figured that for a bit more, they may as well go on a week-long cruise. Which is a big time commitment, but since 4 of my friends are all friends with each other and some haven’t seen each other in several years, it’s a great reunion too! And, I’ll get to actually spend time with them since I won’t just be panicked about the wedding the entire time and finishing up my feather-burlap-owl centerpieces or anything like that.

tl;dr: I’m excited about seeing my friends/family and going on a cruise. Also, I’m having a wedding.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Update

  1. How awesome and exciting! Thanks for sharing your progress. Having your wedding on a cruise ship sounds so cool! I know what it’s like to secretly hope someone else will do all the planning for you. That’s how I felt too. Hey, if the location already has a food person lined up, one less thing to worry about. And it’s a beautiful setting that doesn’t require lots of decorations? Even better. Good luck with the rest of your planning. Can’t wait to see pictures. I’m sure you will be sooooo adorable. ^.~

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty thrilled that I don’t have to plan decorations or anything! We actually don’t have to worry about food at all, I mean, we COULD do food specially on the cruise, but it’s a cruise and there’s food everywhere so why…? We’re thinking we’ll do the wedding before dinner and then do cake/champagne or something (which is a special thing you have to organize).
    Not sure what the setting looks like, but in their package they include a photographer for the ceremony and then my friend has offered to do photos as well, so if the actual ceremony room isn’t that awesome (I’m sure it’s fine) we can have my friend do photos somewhere else. =]
    Honestly, I’m just not into matching colors and special centerpieces anyhow, so whatever they have will be fine. haha I think that helps with the stress too–I don’t have to worry if colors match or bring much with me, so it’s easy peasy. =]

  3. I like the lace. But if you REALLY don’t want to wear a bolero try washing your back with an instant oatmeal and water mixture. It’s good for irritated skin on your face, I don’t see why it wouldn’t clear up your back. There’s a good YT video by Bubzbeauty about it.

    The way people talk about wedding planning and how stressful it sounds, I can understand being disinterested. That’s what wedding planners are for right and/or eloping?

  4. I’ll give that a try! I swear I’ve tried just about everything else to clear up my back. =

    Yeah, I don’t have an official wedding planner, but the cruise does like 3487345435453 weddings every week or something, so they have a coordinator who I’m sure will get everything set up just fine! Besides, the more I worry about little details, the more stressful the whole thing will be. I don’t want to be one of those brides whose day is “ruined” because the flowers aren’t the perfect shade of pink or something!

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