Christmas bits and pieces

Christmas at the Flynns 2012
I’ve got “millions” of photos floating around my computer that I’ve meant to share but never gotten around to it. So I made a bunch of collages and will be sharing them over the next however-long-it-takes!

Here’s what my family was up to at Christmas!

  • My mom, Katie, and I made “gingerbread” houses out of mostly pretzels. We also smoked hookah and drank alcohol.  While the guys had a LAN party. That’s how we roll.
  • We also decorated cookies on a different day when the guys had another LAN party. They like their vidyas.
  • We do a gift-exchange every year. It’s a white elephant kind of deal, so you don’t know what you’re opening. Anthony always picked the “best” presents like lipgloss and women’s perfume. I got Nutella. You can bet I kept that.
  • Marvin was adorable. Always.
  • The Slap Chop and Shake Weight were NOT part of the white elephant exchange, and were a gift to Katie from Anthony.
  • I decorated my little tree with three ornaments and called it good.
  • Anthony and I didn’t exchange gifts with each other this year. Instead we got rid of both of our old cars and got one new car instead! We think it will actually be cheaper in the long run since Anthony’s car kept going back to the shop every time he drove it and having two cars is pointless since neither of us drives much.

How were your holidays? Or… How’s January treating you?

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  1. I feel like we have one car most of the time because both our cars were in a constant state of breaking down. Now he got a new car and we just both drive it. So much easier and I don’t go a lot of places now except shoots during the day. But my dumb car hasn’t been starting half the time….I feel your pain.

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