Winter bits and pieces

Snow Day

I don’t typically like snow, but this once I made an exception. This winter hasn’t been too snowy… Except for a few weeks ago (the day after Christmas) when we got so much snow that the city pretty much shut down. Since Anthony didn’t have to go to work, we decided to walk the mile into town in the snow just to see what was happening. Once there, almost everything was closed or closing, so we quickly grabbed a small hot chocolate to split at a local coffee place (Anthony doesn’t like coffee, so hot chocolate it is) before they closed. And then we walked back!

It was actually pretty fun, although the snow was blowing into our faces the entire walk back and that wasn’t too fun. Hooray for snow days!

5 thoughts on “Winter bits and pieces

  1. Wow that’s a lot of snow.
    I live in a place where is never ever snows and if the 0.000001% chance it does happen everyone here flips out (though it melts the instant it touches the ground).
    I’ve always wanted snow days 😀

  2. I do like snow, and cold weather all together, for the most part. When it’s dangerous, that is just no good and when it’s extremely foggy and messes with my sinuses… bleh. ALSO!!! That squirrel! I grew up hand-feeding squirrels, no lie. There aren’t any in Utah, at least none around here. I love ’em!

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