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Sorry, you get all sorts of wedding posts leading up to my ceremony. I’m too brain dead to actually blog much at the moment about anything else! In fact, on Wednesday, my friend, Morgan, will be guest posting for me while I run around like crazy and finish wedding prep!

Since we’re having our wedding on a cruise, we had the option of some pre-selected traditional wedding music. It was horrendous. So we are burning a CD with our own. We only had to come up with three songs, which was harder than it should have been. Of course, everyone had an opinion about what we should play, and I didn’t like anything that they suggested. Why would we want to play music from the 70s that we have no attachment to? Oh, right, the “adults” at the wedding will like it. Well, I’m pretty damn sure when it was played at their weddings it was new music that their parents didn’t like, so the “adults” can put up with our new fangled music for my wedding.

Besides, Anthony vetoed my Star Wars selections.

So, we get to have a processional song, a “here comes the bride” song, and a recessional song. We don’t have a bridal party (thank god, one less thing to coordinate!), so the processional is just our families coming in. It’s such a small chapel that I think only about 30 seconds of each song is going to play, so it will probably be really stupid, but whatever. After the ceremony we’re going to have a reception with mostly background music. A lot of 90’s stuff, since all the best music is from the 90s, in case you didn’t know. =P

Processional (here’s Anthony’s parents and my mom!)

Here comes the bride (everybody staring at me, great.)

Recessional (GTFO! Time to eat!)

What music did you play at your wedding?

4 thoughts on “Wedding Music

  1. These are fun and youthful! It does seem ridiculous to put so much effort into picking a song that plays for a split second. I suppose it would be weirder if it was completely silent though. I went to a friend’s wedding where the bride’s processional was so long and they wanted to play the whole thing, so the couple stood there and waited another (what felt like) 10 minutes for it to finish. A tad awkward.

    For our wedding, we didn’t have any bridesmaids or whatever, so I didn’t think about picking out any music. We had a CD player playing Erik Satie ( before the ceremony started and then nobody turned it off, so it was still playing when I popped into the greenhouse (I was mildly surprised). And I think it played the entire time! By then I didn’t even notice.

    Sadly (or goodly), it’s all over so quickly. And things just happen. I know it’s going to be beautiful and amazing! And you just do what you want! Cuz it’s your damn wedding. 😀

  2. I honestly just got so sick of trying to decide that I said “fuck it” and let Anthony pick the processional and recessional-I’d never heard the songs before. lol

    Seemed to work out just fine.

  3. Oh gosh, that sounds horribly awkward! They faded our music out, so it wasn’t bad. I can’t imagine standing up there while waiting for the song to finish…

    Seemed to work out pretty well though! My mom said the music went well, and since I didn’t really notice it, I doubt many guests did either. I honestly can’t remember music from any wedding I’ve been to, so figured it would be the same for everyone else at my wedding!

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