Dirty Girl Mud Run

Dirty Girl Mud Run

This past weekend I did the Dirty Girl Mud Run with my mom and some friends! It was really fun! I’m really not a fan of getting dirty, so this was a nice step outside my comfort zone even though my goal was to stay as clean as possible throughout the run–which I did a pretty good job of, despite my friends purposefully trying to get me muddy.

Chetrice was smart and got us a hotel near the event, so afterward we were all able to shower before going to get lunch. The original plan was to head back to the event after lunch and hang out, but I didn’t sleep much the night before so went home and took a nap instead. I’m just exciting like that.

I will say I was actually a bit disappointed in how easy the obstacles were–they were fun, but I didn’t feel challenged at anything. Makes me want to try out a tougher event!

Have you ever done the Dirty Girl Mud Run or anything similar?

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