Saint Kitts – Rain Forest and Beach

Saint Kitts Rain Forest
I was excited to get to Saint Kitts because I heard that they had beautiful beaches and a rain forest. And who doesn’t want to go in a rain forest?! But I have to say, my first impression was not good. As soon as we got off the ship we were bombarded with taxi drivers yelling that they had the best price and to come with them. Men would throw monkeys on you, grab your camera and snap a photo, and then demand money. Not cool.
But then we found a tiny lizard crawling on Anthony’s shoe and since we’re easily amused we played with it for probably 20 minutes while we decided what to do. The lizard was in love with Anthony or something, because whenever we would put it down it would hop back on him and climb all over.

Anthony LOVES to haggle so we let him negotiate the best price for what we wanted to do–see the rain forest and go to the beach with monkeys. He spent 30 minutes or so off and on haggling with different taxi drivers while we played with the lizard. Finally he got a guy to agree to take us everywhere we wanted to go for something like 1/4 of the price he started at. Maybe it was even better than that, it was like $100 or something for ALL of us to have this guy drive us around ALL day.

But then it turned out that he couldn’t take us, so his cousin was going to. Which was a bit odd and made us a little nervous because the first guy piled us all in his van, then drove us to an abandoned parking lot away from the tourist area. But it turned out awesome, because this guy’s cousin, Jigga, picked us up and he had the best van ever! Frakkin’ spider van with his name across the front! (you can just barely see Jigga giving me a thumbs up inside the van).

So first we went to the rain forest which was pretty interesting. This herbalist with some wicked dreads who said his name was “Nacho” took us around and showed us all sorts of plants. We tasted some weird fruit, cracked open some nuts, and Nacho showed us how to swing on the vines. Except when Anthony tried he ended up pulling them all down and landing on the rocks on his butt. Now no other tours will get to swing on those vines. Good job, Anthony.
Then we were almost to the end of the tour and Nacho shook us down for cash! It was only $5, but pretty shady that he wanted money from all of us before he’d take us out of the rain forest. I would have tipped him that much anyhow, but it left a bad taste in my mouth the way he did it.
Saint Kitts Beach
But after that it was BEACH TIME! I lathered up in sunscreen so I wouldn’t be burned for my wedding the next day, and we hit the beach! Apparently we were at the wrong part of the beach for monkeys, but we didn’t care too much because the water was gorgeous. We spent a fair amount of time there, and had a lot of fun. Except for the part where Anthony picked me up and stuck my foot in seaweed. Ugh! I’m scared of things in the water! (I know it’s silly)

Anthony and Katie decided to have swimming races (since Katie used to be a lifeguard) but Anthony’s giant arms beat her. That and she couldn’t swim in a straight line to save her life! I’m not one to criticize though, I just doggy paddle around and scream when something touches my leg in the water.

Finally, it was time to head back. We said goodbye to Jigga and hopped back on the ship. It was a pretty awesome day, though I wish I’d gotten to hold a monkey! (but holding the lizard was a good consolation prize)

I’m really missing the beach now that I’m writing this… it’s warming up, but not exactly the same. It’s not as fun to go lay around in a corn field…

What’s the last beach you went to?

2 thoughts on “Saint Kitts – Rain Forest and Beach

  1. Looks like such a fun time! I’d love to visit a rain forest some day. I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida so I’m less than an hour from several amazing beaches (I frequent Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach). Even though I can spend time on a beach pretty much whenever I want to, I still enjoy visiting beaches. Can’t get enough!

  2. I LOVE the beach. I don’t love shaving my legs to go to the beach, but I love the beach! =P
    Living in Indiana we don’t have much beach, so going to a beach is a big deal!

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