Before the Wedding

Getting ready to get married
Getting ready to get married
The morning of the wedding I was less than thrilled about having to dress up and be stared at. It’s kind of my least favorite thing–a bunch of people staring at me when I’m just supposed to stand there. Awkward. I put off getting ready for as long as I could, but eventually I had to.

Fortunately, my friends were a big help and made getting ready a lot more fun! Karlie did my hair, although my original plan of curling it didn’t work out. She quickly straightened it out and fluffed it up, so it turned out just fine although I didn’t get to use the pretty hair clip I’d gotten (we couldn’t get the darn thing to stay!).

Then while everyone else was getting ready, I finished up my makeup, my mom strapped me into my dress, and Marcie made me pose awkwardly for detail photos (which, apparently, was a good idea because now I get to blog them). I finished getting ready right in time, and then my dad escorted me up to the chapel!

Yikes! Show time!