Canoe Trip!

Canoe Trip
This past weekend some friends, Anthony, and I went canoeing down in Edinburgh. Drinks were drank, and fun was had. I even avoided getting sunburned, which is a pretty impressive accomplishment for me!

We had a 16-person group, so eight canoes. We somewhat managed to stay together, at least through the beginning of the trip. For a while we tied a bunch of canoes together and just floated–which is my favorite. What can I say? Paddling isn’t very fun. Especially when your husband jumps out of the canoe and leaves you to paddle by yourself from the front. Which is really hard, if you were wondering.

About three miles from the end, Anthony and I stopped to help a bunch of people in canoes that kept flipping as they got stuck against a log–it was like every other canoe would get stuck and flip, so there were a bunch of us that pulled to the side and started dragging people and canoes out of the river. It wasn’t like anyone was drowning, but it was a potentially dangerous situation as more and more canoes started piling up and flipping.

Other than that it was fun! Well, it was fun when it was over. My arms were BURNING about five miles in. We had a headwind so when we weren’t paddling we weren’t moving, and it got pretty rough. Next time, I think we’ll do the five mile trip instead of the nine!

After canoeing we went to Cracker Barrel and I ate entirely too much food that wasn’t on my diet. But I got a killer shoulder workout and the food was awesome, so whatever. Man, I missed eating bread.

What did you do this past weekend?