Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony
I was totally dreading our wedding ceremony. 1) We didn’t get to practice and 2) I hate people staring at me. Fortunately, the wedding director understood and helped keep it short and simple. I walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of Iris (Goo Goo Dolls), and we stuck to the “default” ceremony words which were pretty non-religious (which works since I’m agnostic and he’s Jewish).

We did add a handfasting ceremony to personalize it a bit, but didn’t write our own vows or anything. If you read my old blog before I deleted it, you would know that we had a ton of problems with getting this wedding set up, and it wasn’t even until about 10 days before the sail date that we even confirmed that we were having a wedding on board the cruise. So… I didn’t have time/patience for any of that personalized vow stuff!

Then we had to awkwardly kiss in front of everyone, and then hooray! We were ceremonially married! (we were legally married back in January due to difficulties with the cruise line.)

I don’t really remember much about the ceremony, to be honest. I was just happy when it was over and we could relax!

Side note: When the guys picked me up for that photo, the pin of Anthony’s buttionaire stuck me in the butt really bad–a few times. There are a few outtake photos (onetwo, three) where the guys are trying not to drop me while also un-sticking me because they couldn’t put me down since it was stuck in there so deep!

Another side note: I know I’m taking AGES to get these wedding photos up. Sorry. I have literally thousands of photos to go through because we had our guests all share their photos (since the Royal Caribbean photographer sucked). I’m getting there!

Have you blogged about your wedding? I’d love to read about it!

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  1. I love your sandals and that your wedding was simple, beautiful and not a big circus.

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