Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception
Wedding Reception 2
After the wedding ceremony was over we had a “photoshoot” and then it was time to party! We really just wanted a fun reception with no dancing since Anthony and I hate dancing in front of people. The last thing we wanted was people staring at us during our “first dance” or whatever. So we skipped that!

We did do the traditional toast and cake cutting, but I gave my bouquet directly to my friend, Marcie, since I want her to get married. Anthony gave the garter to my brother, Evan, though I’m not sure why since Evan had just recently broken up with his girlfriend. Anthony does that kind of stuff.

My youngest brother, Colin, had made a playlist for us, but we ended up turning it off and he played the piano instead. He’s really talented, and it was a lot of fun! Anthony decided he wanted to play too, but only knows chopsticks. Still, we took a photo so it looks like he’s playing.

I have to admit, I was pretty excited that the wedding was over so that I could finally eat. We’d been on vacation since Saturday, and the wedding was on Wednesday. I’d not been able to eat much or drink alcohol so that my dress would fit correctly. So, I promptly got four drinks. Of course, they were sugary and made me feel sick after drinking two. I also dropped food on my dress within five minutes of being at the reception. At least most of the photos were over?

The reception was a lot of fun, and I felt like I was able to relax for the first time in three months! Woohoo!

Tell me about your wedding reception!

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  1. Apparently I’m the asshole who can’t figure out how to sub to two blogs when their author splits them. Oops. I’m back now.

    I remember feeling the same thing that one time when I got married… I was just so relieved to sit down and eat!

  2. That’s okay, I’m the asshole who split my blogs and made it complicated for everyone!

    Yeah, I was so happy to finally eat! Then I gained like 8 pounds… whoops!

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