Aruba – Snorkeling and Adventure

Snorkeling in Aruba
The day after the wedding we were in Aruba and a whole bunch of us decided to go snorkeling. I actually hate snorkeling, but I like my friends and family, so I went along. We had a fun boat ride out, and got to snorkel around a reef and then around a really cool shipwreck. Anthony dove down pretty far to check the shipwreck out, and said it looked pretty neat, but couldn’t get all the way down to it. Since I snorkel by sticking my face barely in the water and then popping back up immediately, I didn’t see much.

On the boat ride back we all lay on the nets on the front of the boat, drank rum punch, and hung out. It was a lot of fun! But unknowingly, our sunscreen had all washed off, and we all got some nasty sunburns. Oops! Should have re-applied.

When we got back to land, our friend Matt had rented a van and about half our group packed in to go on an adventure! (the other half went back on the ship to clean up and eat, and then took a tour)

Aruba Adventure
We lovingly named Matt’s rented van, “Matt’s Murder Van” due to the fact that he rented it from a place that had a barbed wire fence around it and “car rental” spray painted on a piece of rusted tin outside. And it looked kind of like a van you’d expect a murderer to drive.

We drove all around the island checking things out. We saw a lighthouse, some old ruins, a natural bridge, and a really pretty beach. And we got lost and saw some chickens. I am trying really hard not to spam you with ten million photos, but it’s hard! We did a LOT that day! It was so much fun, but absolutely exhausting. You can see 500+ photos here if you want to see more!

I had a blast that day, despite being hot, miserable, covered in salt water, and sunburned. Great friends, family, and some mild adventure–it’s days like this that make life so awesome!

3 thoughts on “Aruba – Snorkeling and Adventure

  1. I’ve never gone snorkeling but I’ve always wanted to try it. Would probably end up doing your version of it. 🙂 Looks like you had a blast in a beautiful location.

  2. It was so much fun! I just have never liked snorkeling… haha I’ve tried it multiple times, and each time I’ve disliked it. Not a huge fan of being in the water!

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