Beach day in Curacao

Curacao Beach Day
The last port on our wedding cruise was in Willemstad, Curacao. It was my favorite port! Maybe because I was able to actually relax and be lazy for the first time on the trip. We got off the ship and wandered around a bit. It was just like being in Europe, but warm! I loved the city streets and the colorful buildings.

We hopped a taxi to a nice beach, where we laid around and splashed in the water a bit. We’d gotten sunburned the day before in Aruba, but I did my best to cover my shoulders and tan the rest of me. My younger brother, Evan, had gotten so sunburned that he didn’t even go to the beach. He barely walked off the ship and then went back to lay around in the shade. Boo. We’ve got to remember to re-apply and then re-apply some more; my family is just pasty.

Despite the sunburns, it was a really nice, lazy, relaxing day. I’d love to go back!