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life lately
It has been a crazy month. This time last week I was going on 24 hours without sleep while I sat at the hospital waiting for my husband to get out of surgery. We’d gone in shortly before midnight on Sunday night because he was having bad stomach pains, and around 6am Monday morning they determined that he had an appendicitis.
I spent about 18 hours sitting at the hospital because for the first six they weren’t sure what was wrong, then for four hours he was in surgery and then recovering, and then they kept telling me he could go home in just a few hours… by 7pm I just HAD to go home and sleep because I’d been awake for nearly 36 hours. Of course, shortly after I got home, they told Anthony he could be released. But since they preferred he spend the night anyhow he was nice enough to not make me go back and get him!
He gets two weeks off of work, and he’s been trying to take care of ME while I catch up on work and forget to eat meals. It’s been nice just having him around more. We watch Disney movies and eat pizza and are just as lazy as possible. Which he has an excuse for and I don’t, but it’s been nice.

Work has been nonstop busy, which is both exciting and exhausting. My design business is booking up very quickly for the rest of the year, and now I’m trying to nail everything down and get my schedule figured out so that I can make sure everyone gets the attention they deserve. I have one or two spots left and then I won’t be able to accept any more projects until January! It’s really exciting, but stressing me out because I’ve never had to turn customers away until recently. I want to work with everyone, I just know it’s not good for me or them. If you’re interested in a new website for the new year, I am booking for late October/November right now (I don’t accept projects in December–I just finish up projects that were booked in October/November)!

I am thrilled that most of the remaining Indie Gift Box inventory is on its way to the new owner. I have a few things left over that I will likely be gifting or perhaps doing a giveaway or two with here or on my design blog, but I’m really excited to have space in my living room again. I do miss curating items and getting to meet so many talented artists, but Lisa is just awesome and I don’t think I could have found anyone better to take over Indie Gift Box! Looking forward to seeing where she takes it!

And we’re moving! Not yet, but soon. Our rent is going way up, and we’re sick of living here. When our lease expires at the end of September we’ll be moving… but where, we’re not entirely sure. Anthony’s been trying to get a job in Colorado, but still waiting to hear back on a third round of interviews. We’re seriously leaning toward just moving out there even if he doesn’t have a job lined up. My business and our savings should support us until he finds a job. It’s really scary though! We’ll see what happens.

What’s going on in your life?

6 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. You should absolutely move out to CO! It is awesome here (although I might be biased) =). Stopping by from Alyx’s blog!

  2. I think we’re going to! We’re working out the details to see how feasible it is if my husband doesn’t have a job before we get there. Cost of living is quite a bit higher than Indiana.

  3. Sounds like life is keeping you busy! This summer I’ve mainly been packing and garage-saling – we’re moving in a week! My mental busyness has also been taken up this summer with researching web design and freelancing, updating my website, etc. It’s crazy how much thought needs to go into things like that! I wish we’d learned more about all that business stuff in school – we didn’t really ever talk in school about the practicalities of setting up an actual design business, unfortunately. That probably would’ve been helpful. Lol.

  4. Yes! I wish my college had offered some sort of “how to actually start a business” class instead of all the boring stuff that doesn’t even apply to me. = The business classes I took were definitely geared toward large companies and had nothing to do with starting a business.

  5. Anthony is a lucky guy. I had an appendectomy in high school and had to stay in the hospital for three days after because the incision had become infected. And then when I got to go home, I still had a bag full of antibiotics attached to me. I hope that Anthony recovers quickly. Make sure he doesn’t overdo it once he starts feeling better, because he’ll cause himself to recover slower and also probably cause himself some more pain. I learned that one the hard way 😦

  6. Yikes! That doesn’t sound fun at all. Anthony got the okay to start biking to/from work again and to go to the gym (though he’s taking it easy). Seems to be back to normal already, though I keep telling him not to lift anything too heavy at the gym.

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