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life lately - september 16 2013
I’m neck-deep in packing up my apartment. It was a lot harder to get boxes than I thought it would be.

We called our local Kroger over the weekend and they told us to come back on Monday (today) and they’d have some boxes for us. I didn’t want to wait, so we tried to get some boxes from Target over the weekend, except they also told us to come back on Monday.

But apparently that memo didn’t get passed on, because when I went to Kroger, they had already smashed their boxes. So I got one box.

Then I went to Target, who had also already smashed their boxes.

I should say here that I came at the time they told me to, not five hours later or something ridiculous.

So then I went to Marsh, where they told me that someone had already taken their boxes.

The other Kroger was a fail too.

And then finally, Whole Foods came through with nine boxes for me.

I think I’m probably going to need more, so next time I’ll just go straight to Whole Foods, but man! Who thought that getting boxes would be so difficult?

In other news, I’ve been chatting with some wonderful entrepreneurial ladies recently! I had a great chat with Ashley last week, am working on a fun freebie project with Paige, I am meeting tomorrow with Jenny so she can help cover emergencies with my business while I’m moving, and I can’t wait to have my weekly business chat with Rebekah and Morgan tomorrow (there’s going to be alcohol involved in this one since it’s Rebekah’s birthday).

I also had a really fun girls’ night on Saturday (actually, it was during the day because I go to bed early), and am frantically trying to get everything done and also see people before I leave.

It turns out that our new apartment may not be ready by the 1st, so we’re re-arranging our plans a bit, which is adding to my stress levels even though it’s not really a big deal. I don’t like moving.

I don’t even care that this post is disjointed and pointless. I have to go make dinner and then get back to packing!

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  1. Just reading this post made my anxiety level multiply by at least twelve. Joe and I have moved about 7 times in our 9 years together, and the best lesson we ever learned: HIRE MOVERS! Then again, that may not work as easily when moving across states, but they bring the boxes! Also – I second the liquor stores, their boxes are made to carry heavy things, so they’re usually perfect.

    Most Starbucks’ receives their order on Monday, so Tuesdays are usually a good time to hit them up for their coffee boxes (or dumpster dive for them :P). In any event, good luck! I had a great chat with you, and look forward to some more hangouts once you’ve settled in to your new spot 🙂

  2. Try finding out when the stores put out their stock and go right then and grab them before they have a chance to flatten them. They flatten boxes pretty much the second they’re done stocking for the day, so if you can get in there WHILE they’re stocking, they’ll save those ones for you and you can take them home that day. (Don’t quote me on this, but I would guess they probably stock either early morning or very late at night – Walmart, for example, does it around 11pm or so – and I think grocery stores put out produce and stuff first thing in the morning).

  3. We’re getting a UBox, but it doesn’t come with movers or boxes. =[ Don’t really want to pay more to have people pack up our stuff since this move is costing a fortune already!

    Next time though, if we’re not moving so far, might be worth it!

    Good to know about Starbucks, thanks!

    Looking forward to chatting more with you!

  4. Yeah, Target told us to come back first thing in the morning and Kroger told us to come back in later afternoon. I’m just mostly annoyed because both stores told me to come by about 1pm which is what I did!

    Whole Foods apparently just breaks boxes down throughout the day, so they apparently always have some boxes sitting around!

  5. No liquor stores?! Yikes! I was going to give the same advice. Every one I’ve ever been in has tons of boxes piled up at the exit door for some reason.

  6. I broke down a TON of boxes at work yesterday. I’d check the mall on a Monday morning for boxes right as the stores are opening. We get our shipments at 6AM Monday morning and by the time the mall opens for business we’ve got a good pile of boxes ready to go to the trash compactor.

  7. That was one of our biggest problems when moving. I started using paper grocery bags, baskets, plastic boxes, anything that could fit stuff in it. We would bring a load over. Pull everything out of the boxes and re-use them. SUCH a pain!

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