Moving Adventures – Part One

I’m just going to go ahead and assume that “Moving Adventures” will become a semi-regular feature on this blog for the next few weeks.

After my struggles with finding boxes earlier this week, I thought surely things would start looking up. I mean, we had boxes, we scheduled the shut-off for our utilities, we had a U-Box being delivered Friday, and we had friends/family ready to help us move everything out this weekend.

I should know better than to ever think such things.

Yesterday (Wednesday) there were suddenly trucks and workers and all sorts of machines at the entrance of our apartment complex. No warning for us, though I heard that those in Section One were notified the day before that they had to move their cars or they would be towed (which, by the way, we don’t have assigned parking spots, so if you were in section two or three and the spots in front of your apartment were full and you parked in Section One unknowingly, your car was towed!).

Wednesday afternoon they decided to finally let those in sections Two and Three know that, surprise! You have to play musical chairs with your cars in the next few days if you don’t want them towed! They are resealing and striping the parking lot, but the way it’s happening means that they seal a section one day, then stripe it the next. So two sections of the parking lot end up being closed at once because they will stripe Section One on the same day that they seal Section Two.

Anyhow, so our original plan had been that today (Thursday) I would move our car from our extra-special we-pay-extra-for-this covered parking spot and put it right smack-dab in front of our apartment, so that tomorrow when the U-Box is delivered I could move the car and we would have a straight shot to carry our stuff out and into the box.

At this point, I should mention that we’re moving out earlier than the end of the month because the U-Box takes 8-10 days to ship, so if we want it shortly after getting into our new apartment at the beginning of the month, we need it out of here by the 23rd (Monday).

The apartment manager was well-aware of us moving out this weekend.

So, I don’t know what we’re supposed to do. You might think, “why not just put it in Section One or Two and carry stuff a little farther?”

Great question!

Because if you look at the map, it’s not a little farther to carry it, we literally cannot walk through ANY part of Section Three. So we’d have to carry everything up to the beginning of Section One (on the sidewalk), then around.

It’s impossible to tell on the map, but you can’t walk around Section Three to get to Section Two because there are woods and a big ditch at the end of Section Three.

Anthony called U-Haul yesterday to see if we could reschedule the U-Box to be delivered on Monday instead, and that was no problem (though it sets us back at LEAST a day, maybe two or three depending on when they can come back to pick it up). But now it’s raining, so our apartment complex is saying that everything is going to be shifted to Monday/Tuesday because they can’t seal or paint when it’s wet.

So who knows when we can actually get our box delivered and packed? When will we be able to get it shipped to Denver? How long will that take?

Here’s the thing that really makes this infuriating. The office manager for our complex, is NEVER in the office. EVER. As soon as I saw the notice yesterday (about 4:15) I tried to find her and ask her what we should do. Not in the office. I tried to call her twice. No answer. Anthony tried to go over there twice after he got home from work. No luck.

This isn’t the first time. She consistently leaves at 5:00 even though the office is supposed to be open until 5:30. Over the past year I’ve probably called or gone over no fewer than 25 times to try to get help from her (about various things, like the electricity in our apartment not working) and she hasn’t been around, returned calls, or given a single crap.

This is the final straw for us. Anthony is calling her bosses today.

I don’t expect to be treated as a special snowflake with the world revolving around my move-out date, but I don’t think our apartment complex got a wild hair up their ass on Wednesday morning and decided that they would just suddenly re-seal and paint their parking lot. I’m pretty sure they’ve known about this for weeks, if not months, and that’s bullshit. Everything is scheduled around us moving out this weekend–the U-Box, family coming to help, friends who have trucks to take stuff to Goodwill, our utilities going off. It’s not one phone call to reschedule a box, it’s a bunch of re-organizing and coordinating people and companies! We’d have planned differently if we’d known this was going to be going on this week. A little notice would have made this a non-issue.

Stay tuned for more exciting moving adventures!

EDIT: While I was typing this Anthony talked to the manager and we’re getting the U-Box delivered on Friday as originally planned because it’s supposed to rain today/tomorrow and they can’t work on the parking lot in the rain. Of course, they want it out of here by Monday (which was the plan anyhow) but we can’t guarantee that because it’s up to U-Haul to pick it up. Guess we’ll see what happens!

8 thoughts on “Moving Adventures – Part One

  1. Groooooan! I could almost hear your rage-typing from way up here!

    That’s super frustrating, and I’m glad that it seems to be working out as originally planned despite the ass-backward way of getting to that point; however, one may have also assumed that prior to beginning the task of re-sealing/painting, the building management would have taken a look at the 7 day weather forecast; while I realize that the weather forecast is not necessarily the most reliable predictor of actual weather (at least in these parts), they likely would have discovered it was going to rain prior to the distribution of notices yesterday.

    I feel your frustration!

  2. I cannot say I blame you for your exhaustion. You should crack open a beer. put your feet up, and stream some tv for a bit 🙂 You deserve some relaxation!

  3. Yeah, now I’m wondering if it DOESN’T rain tomorrow are they going to go ahead with Section Three as planned? Then where the heck do I put the box? Agh!

    It’s just very frustrating with the fact that getting information from the apartment manager is damn-near impossible. And no real advance notice? What if someone’s out of town? I mean… really?! I would think they could have given at least a week’s warning!

    BTW, Section One is still roped off and unpainted since it’s raining today. If it rains tomorrow then I guess they’re leaving it blocked off all weekend and making all residents somehow find space in Sections Two and Three. Hope no one was expecting company!

    It does seem like it’s going to work out for us because of the bad weather, so I’m very happy about that, but just holding my breath to see what craziness happens next. With my luck, U-Haul won’t be able to pick up the box in time to make my apartment complex happy and we’ll have to deal with that… somehow.

    I’m just exhausted! So many things keep popping up to make moving even more difficult! Plus I can’t stand our apartment manager… the only time she’s ever made an effort to get anything done was when I called her, almost in tears, because the electricity in our “office” wasn’t working and I’d been trying to reach her for two days. I have no idea where she goes, but two-hour lunch breaks and leaving early seem to be part of her routine.

  4. Dang. I guess it’s a good thing you won’t be living there any more with her as the person you’re supposed to go to. I really hope things go more smoothly after Monday!

  5. Yeah, she’s really been terrible. The manager before her was great! Always let us know about stuff in advance, easy to get in touch with… you can just tell that this manager doesn’t care about her job. I shouldn’t have to beg to get someone to come over and fix the electricity in our apartment! It’s just been very frustrating living here since she took over. Glad to be moving!

  6. We have one woman in our apartment office who’s GREAT. She’s the one we worked with when we were choosing where to move. Everybody else is hit and miss, so I usually just ask to talk to her now.

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