Moving Adventures – Part Two

What a crazy week! After the craziness of the parking lot being re-sealed, things went pretty smoothly. I have to thank the weather for that one, because if it hadn’t rained, we’d have had a real re-scheduling issue with people and companies. So glad that worked out!

Besides packing (check out my fancy packing outfit in the first photo–I had a video meeting that day, so I actually did my hair/makeup but totally kept my comfy pants on), I met up with my friend, Katie, and we went to dinner at a local hookah bar. Then somehow we turned that into drinks and late-night pizza. With plenty of drunk modelling and blurry photos thrown in for good measure.

This weekend, my parents had an Oktoberfest party (of which I took no photos), and we finished packing up our U-Box. Got it shipped out on Monday, and now all that’s left are our computers, some clothing, and a few kitchen and bathroom items. We’ll be taking those things with us in our car.

But before we head to Denver, we’re going to stay with my parents for a few days. We’re planning on leaving our apartment on Thursday, then staying with my parents until probably Monday. Then we hit the road!

In the meantime, I’ve somehow managed to pick up 2-3 small projects that I have to finish by Wednesday evening. I might be crazy.

5 thoughts on “Moving Adventures – Part Two

  1. I am so happy to hear everything went so smoothly – hooray for rain! Also glad that you found time to have some friend hangouts (and drinks! and pizza!). Have a relaxing weekend with your family, and drive safe!

  2. Wow! Still crazy, but I’m glad it’s slowly working out. Are you guys driving to Denver? How long will that take? We moved from Oregon to California this summer and it took us two (very long, hot) days. I do not envy you guys the trip, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it (I’m not one for driving long distances). 😉

  3. Should take about 2 days (16 hours) to get there. I hate driving and being in the car, but we’re getting the first two Harry Potter audio books, so maybe that will help?

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