Moving Adventures – Part Three

Anthony and I have been staying at my parents’ house since last Wednesday and we’ve been doing a lot of fun things before our two-day drive out to Denver later this week.

Packing up and cleaning the apartment was a ton of work! I kept thinking we didn’t have that much stuff, but every time I turned around there was more to pack! But we got almost everything packed on Monday and shipped out. After that we just had to clean the apartment (which was a LOT of work–I think I was overly thorough), and then try to fit the “few” remaining items into our car. I swear it seemed like just a few things when it was in our apartment, but everything seemed to multiply when trying to fit it into our car!

At some point between the packing and the cleaning, I fit in some small projects for business card design and a coding fix. It was kind of strange to have a completely empty apartment except for our computers!

We’d shipped our mattress, so we were sleeping on pillows, blankets, and mats on the floor. It sucked. I’ve never been so happy to sleep on a futon bed at my parents’ house as I was after sleeping on our hard apartment floor for a few nights!

My older brother turned 30 on Friday so we celebrated with some delicious soup and homemade bread. My mom makes the BEST bread. Ever.

Unfortunately, my camera is packed away, and I only have a phone that’s not a phone (it has no service) to snap photos with. So I missed taking any decent photos at Ian’s birthday.

And at my dad’s birthday, which was Sunday. We went to Outback and I ate waaaaay too much.

I just don’t really think to pull out a mostly-unusable phone with a terrible camera in it to take photos, you know?

But I did get a few photos of Anthony and my mom watching “popping” videos together. I refuse to watch, they’re too gross! But I love to watch their reactions!

The kitties have been keeping me company while I respond to emails and get a little bit of work done on my Chromebook. My “real” computer is packed away and I’m not pulling it out and setting it up unless there’s a real emergency.

Last week we went to a local orchard (Tuttle Orchards) and got caramel apples (Anthony’s first!), and then went through the corn maze. It was a lot of fun! I’d actually never been in a corn maze either, and really enjoyed it, though I wish it had been just a bit cooler out as we got really hot!

My mom and I have been watching The 4400 on Netflix every night. We watched it way back when it was airing on TV but didn’t really remember much about the story. The cats come and sit on us, and I love it, since I can’t have a cat (my parents have eight!).

So that’s what I’ve been up to! We’re planning on leaving here on Wednesday morning, and it’s a two-day drive, so it might be a while before I blog again. We’d originally planned on only staying with my parents until Monday, but the apartment we’re moving in to isn’t finished yet, so we’re delaying a few days and hopefully it will be complete by the time we get there!

What have you been up to lately?


6 thoughts on “Moving Adventures – Part Three

  1. I’ve been watching The 4400 on Netflix too, but for the first time. I love it, and I’m already halfway through the third season.

  2. Okay – now I’m curious. What’s a popping video?

    I remember The 4400 – that was a cool show! It would definitely be fun to go back and watch again. 🙂

  3. Goodness, don’t go looking for popping videos if you don’t know what they are! Basically people popping massive zits and cysts. It’s the grossest thing ever!

  4. Oh man. We had a friend who had one of the top videos on youtube 5 or 6 years back for a popping video. DISGUSTING!

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