Moving Adventures – Part Four

Hotel Room
After arriving in Denver, we spent the night with some friends, then went down to see our new apartment. Or rather, how our new apartment was coming along.

We were supposed to be able to move in by October 1st, but things weren’t happening quite as quickly as the landlord hoped. The renovation to her basement (our future apartment) is taking longer than expected.

Originally, we were told the delay would be possibly only a week, so after a week at my parents’ house, we headed out. We’d hoped that, worst case, we’d be in our new apartment after a few days.

But it turns out there are some inspection hold-ups, and the new windows (which were required for fire safety reasons) need to be inspected and signed off on before much of the rest of the work can continue.

Long story short, we’re being put up in a hotel room until at least the 14th, and very possibly until early November.

It’s not a horrible hotel, but the internet is certainly horrible (barely above dial-up speeds), and I’m getting increasingly worried about what’s going to happen when my “vacation” from work is over and I need to FTP a bunch of files or try to talk to a client via Skype or Google Hangout. I don’t think this internet can handle a video chat.

As you can tell by the photos, we’ve set up our computers in the “dining room” and since the table is so small, we just use the same monitor/keyboard/etc. and plug and unplug our towers depending on who is using the computer. I did transfer a lot of “emergency” client files to Google Drive so that I can access contracts and do small edits to websites on my Chrome Book, but to actually do design/development work, I really need my desktop. And a good internet connection.

It’s definitely not an ideal situation, but it’s kind of fun at the moment. We’ve been spending a lot of time laying around in bed, exploring the town, and acting like we’re actually on vacation. Hopefully the internet situation won’t cause too much of a problem, and we’ll be able to move into our new apartment soon!


4 thoughts on “Moving Adventures – Part Four

  1. Oh good lord! I can only hope that things with the apartment reno happen sooner rather than later – I mean, hotel beds are always nice, but I can only tolerate them for so long – let alone going back to the stone ages of dial-up internet.

    Good luck!!!

  2. Bah ><; While it's great you have somewhere to crash, I know what a wrench those kinds of things can throw into something as simple as keeping in touch with clients and customers. I hope the apartment is move-in ready soon!

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