Matthews/Winters Park Hike

Matthews Winters Park Hike

I thought I posted this already, but I guess not! The first hike we did out in Colorado was the Matthews/Winters Park Hike which was a fairly easy hike with really pretty scenery.

Unfortunately, it was hot, we didn’t have sunscreen, and my hiking shoes were packed away. Also, breathing in Colorado is hard! I’m really not used to this altitude.

But we had a great time despite me slipping everywhere in my flat-soled shoes and coming back with sunburns.

We even got to see a rattlesnake on the way back to our car! It was big, and green, and right in the path. Two girls going the opposite direction were stopped and we all stood there for a while debating what to do. Should we squeak past it on the trail? Go around it off the trail in the grass where there might be other snakes? Throw each other our car keys and drive somewhere we could meet up and switch back?

But finally some other hikers came by, and decided to walk around the snake off the trail. When they didn’t get bitten, we decided it was safe enough to walk through the grass where they did, and we were on our way.

I really enjoyed the hike, and can’t wait to go hiking again!

2 thoughts on “Matthews/Winters Park Hike

  1. Woah, that looks like a beautiful place to hike! Sans snake, of course. PA is more hills and just a different topography all together, so I really love the mountains of the west coast when I get the chance to see them. Who knew breathing would be hard! Something I would never think of until I have an “Oh, duh” moment ><;

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty out here! Actually, it’s more desert-y than I thought it was (since I’ve not really been here before) but it’s pretty!

    We went on another hike the other day and went much higher–it was really rough! I knew I might have some altitude adjustment problems, but it’s kicking my ass!

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