Dinosaur Ridge

Dinosaur Ridge
Dinosaur Ridge and Lunch
My friend, Kari, told us about Dinosaur Ridge, where you can see all sorts of awesome dinosaur footprints! So the next day Anthony and I picked up our friend, Digger, and headed out!

Digger and Anthony were roommates in colleges, and now Digger lives in Denver and is studying to become a priest. For now he still gets to wear some pretty sweet robes as a friar.

Anyhow, we went to Dinosaur Ridge and were a bit disappointed that it was just along the road. We’d hoped for an interesting hike with footprints along the way. But the prints were still really cool, and after we’d seen those we hiked up on the ridge.

Which seemed never ending, as we hiked for quite and while and still weren’t going down. So eventually we turned around and headed back.

But we still had a lot of fun and afterwards got some delicious noodle bowls and bubble tea at New Saigon followed by my first macaron ever!

I have to admit that I wanted to try macarons because I see so many bloggers talking about them. I had a red velvet one and it was fantastic, though expensive. I did love it, but it’s definitely a special-occasion treat!

It was a really fun day–but how could it not be with frakkin’ dinosaur footprints?!

2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Ridge

  1. That sounds like a fantastic hike – how long did it take to hike in before you turned around? We hiked a local trail this past summer, had a load of fun (with a fantastic view at the end), and I think we hiked in and out in under 5 hours, which was impressive for a couple of novices 😛

  2. We only hiked for an hour or so–we’d have hiked longer, but could see we’d already gone pretty far past our car and weren’t sure if when we came down the other side if there’d be a way to get back to our car easily. Since we weren’t prepared for much of a hike (only one water bottle and sneakers) we decided to just turn around.

    Now we have our Camelbacks and hiking shoes though, so we can do longer hikes without worrying as much about ending up far from our car!

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