Mount Falcon Park

Mount Falcon
Mount Falcon Hike
Last week, I was having an awful day. We’re still living in a hotel, and while it was fun for the first week or two, it had gotten to the point where I NEEDED to get work done, and I just couldn’t. A bad internet connection, no access to some of my files, not having a printer, and a myriad of other small things that just kept adding up. There may have been some yelling, cussing, and crying.

But we went out, mostly just to get the hell out of the hotel room, and went to Mount Falcon Park. I wanted an easy hike, which it started out as. We “hiked” over to the “castle” ruins, which means we walked on a really flat and manicured path about a quarter mile to the ruins of an old house.

Which was actually enough to lighten my mood and from there, we decided to hike pretty much every other path in the park.

By the end I was dying, again. But I’m sure giving my legs a good workout from all this hiking! I need it, since we’ve been eating a bunch of processed food since we’ve been out here. I’m looking forward to eating healthy again once we finally get settled.

Speaking of getting settled, our landlady finally hired someone else to finish the apartment, since the first crew just wasn’t showing up or getting much work done even when someone DID show up. The new crew has been working the past week, and they’ve gotten more done in a week than the last crew got done in the previous three. We’ll finally be moving into our apartment on Sunday, and we’re really excited! The only thing is that the laundry and kitchen won’t be completed until next week, so we’ll have to share our landlady’s kitchen for a few days. I’m just excited to finally have an office where I can actually WORK again. It’s been incredibly difficult to do anything, and I have clients relying on me. I’m ready to get back into a routine and create some awesome websites!

7 thoughts on “Mount Falcon Park

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Good lord, that too a long time! Contractors can definitely be super shifty at times.

    I’m jealous of all the hiking you guys get to do, but the altitude would definitely destroy my lungs 😛

  2. Yikes, that sucks about the contractors. Good thing it looks like the hotel crashing is finally coming to an end. ALSO, Wow that park is pretty! Is that very close to where you guys are staying?

  3. Felt like forever! haha

    The altitude is still killing me, but I’m making myself do it anyhow. Anthony’s not having nearly as much trouble, but then, he’s use to biking 20 miles a day so his lungs are stronger than mine (and he’s in better shape)!

  4. The park is maybe 30 minutes away? So pretty close! We’re on the west side of Denver, so the mountains aren’t too far. We can be hiking in about 15 minutes, though it seems like there are prettier (greener) places farther into the mountains, so 30-60 minutes to those. =]

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