Moving Adventures – Part Five

Office Progress
We’re finally in our apartment!!! I’m really excited about it! We moved everything in yesterday (Sunday), and immediately got to work setting up the office. We had an argument about who got the corner desk, which Anthony won, somehow. Though I get to see out the window, and that’s nice.

I also unpacked most of our clothing and got it all hung up and in drawers. I thought having only a week’s worth of clothing for a month would be difficult, but it turns out I didn’t even really miss any of my clothing (with the exception of my coat) and wear the same few outfits day after day anyhow. I’m thinking a serious closet-purge is in order, and I’m toying with the idea of a 40-hanger closet. We’ll see.

We’ve done a lot of shopping at Ikea for furniture–well, we’ve bought some things there and the found other things we liked but instead bought on Craigslist. So I guess our apartment is Ikea-Craigslist chic. We got our brand-new (in box) office chairs for $275 together, and at Ikea they’re $200 each. We also got the corner desk for $100 off Craigslist and it’s $230 at Ikea. We could have gotten even cheaper options, but I really wanted nice, new, matching furniture since I have to spend about 8 hours a day in this room. I know it might seem silly, but I really feel like having a nice looking office helps with my creativity and productivity.

We’ve got a few more office things to purchase, like a file cabinet and some mouse mats (they’re like 11×17 mouse pads, and they’re awesome), but we’ve gotten a good start and I feel like I can finally get back into a work routine.

As for the rest of the apartment… the bedroom has a mattress, so good enough, the bathroom is finished and all-around awesome, the living room has some electrical problems and is missing the couch but should have it soon (the apartment is supposed to be partially furnished), the dining room needs some paint and some shelves, and the kitchen/laundry isn’t even really started, but should hopefully be finished this week… If not, I guess I’ll be glad I have too many articles of clothing, as otherwise I’d have to be wearing smelly stuff over and over… Not positive what we’re doing about food besides cereal without a kitchen or anywhere to cook. Pizza every night? I wouldn’t complain.

I’ve probably got to go to Ikea and pick up some storage containers and maybe some decorative stuff. I might go with my friend Kari, since Anthony doesn’t understand the concept of things matching OR organizing, and always tries to talk me out of buying things. That’s no fun.

But we’re finally in the apartment and my office is functional and that makes me happy!!!


5 thoughts on “Moving Adventures – Part Five

  1. Yay! So glad to hear that you’re in your apartment… I’m still not in mine. I have keys now though, so as soon as I can get some movers in here to move my stuff out and move it two blocks and up five flights of stairs… I’m done. Soon!

  2. Yikes, that sounds like quite a difficult move! I was complaining about taking things down to the basement… haha

    Hope you get in your apartment soon!

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