Moving Adventures – Part Six

New Living Room Progress
Things are slowly coming along in our apartment. The electrical issue in the living room has been fixed, so now we can curl up on our massive couch and watch Netflix at night. We need some art for the wall behind the couch–not sure what we’re doing there yet–maybe a mix of photos and art? Our landlady is a really good artist, and she’s offered to let us choose from her paintings to help decorate the apartment!

We still need to figure out the TV wall too–I think we need a larger TV stand–something with more shelves so we can display some of the things we’ve collected in our travels. But I’m hesitant to buy anything since I don’t know for sure how long we’ll be staying here. Hopefully, a while. But if Anthony ends up getting a job on the other side of town we may end up moving in six months. Which I won’t be too happy about!

The dining room and kitchen as well as the laundry are still not finished, so we can’t do much else anywhere until those are complete. Our bedroom is full of random kitchen/cleaning stuff because we have nowhere to store it. Cooking isn’t really too easy. We have access to our landlady’s kitchen, but that’s awkward. We’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches and snacks and avoiding actually cooking anything. I wish the dining room would at least get wrapped up so we could move the kitchen stuff there and set up the bedroom. Oh well!

PS. Sorry for the terrible photos, there are no windows in the living room and the light isn’t good for taking pics!


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