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Anthony and Erin
Our apartment is getting really close to being finished and unpacked, and I am finally starting to settle in a bit. I’m excited to get everything decorated and show you real photos since I think it’s pretty darn cute!

I JUST wrapped up my e-course, and it’s in beta-testing mode at the moment. Technically, you can probably find it on Udemy if you search, but I’m waiting for some feedback before I officially launch it. I may launch it as soon as next week so it will be possible to purchase as a Christmas present! I just need to hear back from my testers and send them a little survey to complete!

Anthony got a job! I really feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders since I’ll no longer be the sole breadwinner in the family. Somehow my scheduled clients just up and disappeared on me without even an email response to my inquiries, so nearly $5,000 that I had banked on rounding out my year was gone, just like that. Guess I need to work on getting those non-refundable deposits before holding a spot.

I wanted to blame my clients disappearing on my move, but I was never out of communication for more than a day or two in October, and none of the projects were scheduled to start until November, so I’m just left scratching my head and wondering if it was something I did or if they just changed their minds. It’s frustrating, though I’ve managed to pick up a few small jobs here and there.

Anyhow, so Anthony has a job and he’ll be starting on January 6th, which means we’ll be staying in this apartment for a while (since the job is close) so I can FINALLY relax and feel like this is at least semi-permanent. I didn’t realize how much I was holding my breath and stressing out with the possibility of moving again in a few months looming over my head. And the constant nagging fear that I’d never get a client again and we’d be broke and unemployed, of course. Being self-employed can be really stressful, and my business is not at the point yet where I have confidence that I won’t just wake up and it will all be gone. That’s why I have GOT to get more income streams set up, like my e-course.

On the bright side, the lull in client work allowed me to create my e-course, and I’m planning on using some more of my downtime to take a few courses myself and kick 2014 in the face with all my new knowledge and skills.

This weekend we’re heading to the mountains with Kari and Matt to spend some time in Glenwood Springs. Should be a lot of fun! I better go start packing and wake Anthony up–naps seem to be his new favorite hobby.


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  1. I think the whole clients up and disappearing act is why a lot of people end up collecting a down payment up front to just to schedule time…. That way the client’s already somewhat vested and is less likely to book and then change their mind and disappear.

    But on the bright side, congrats on launching the e-course!

  2. That’s so nerve-wracking, having clients back out like that. Rude on their part, sure, but for someone’s who’s self-employed and relies on that as their income…Kudos to you and other self-employed people out there; I’d be too scared of those kinds of situations to be able to do it myself! Congrats to Anthony on the job! Glad to hear things are settling and settling well 🙂

  3. Yeah, I knew I SHOULD be doing that, but have never had a problem before. Live and learn! Now I will for sure be getting down payments for everything!

  4. Yeah, it’s something I knew I should be doing and have even done occasionally, but not consistently as it’s never been a problem before. Now I’ll ALWAYS get a down payment!

  5. Yeah, it’s just been stressful. We’re not hurting for money, but when you think, “I’m going to make X and I have these projects lined up,” and then people disappear, it’s still a blow. It shakes my confidence in my business and makes me worry! On the bright side, I am officially OFF for the holidays since there’s no risk of those projects running long and interrupting my vacation. =]

  6. I had two clients disappear on me too – so frustrating. I do require a deposit, but if I’m holding 6 weeks in my schedule I expect the final payment to show up too and I lost out on both of those. I haven’t figured out a solution, but I feel ya!

  7. Yeah, it’s frustrating. Even a deposit isn’t the amount you’re expecting, and you’ve blocked time so you have to shift things around or try and fill the spot.
    I understand that sometimes things happen (I had another client who let me know there was going to be a delay, and I was happy to work with her and move her to January), but when they just disappear it’s really frustrating! I’m now worried they’re going to pop up sometime this week and want me to magically fit them into my schedule before the new year (which is impossible). =

  8. That is truly the worst. Wait until weeks after their slot in your schedule has passed and then decide they’re ready to work >_< I added a clause to my contract that says if they disappear for more than 30 days I keep the deposit and the design and will decide whether or not I'll complete their project. Harsh, but if people agree to be available at a specific time I can't just lose 6 weeks of work because they got busy.

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