Glenwood Springs + Vail, Colorado

Glenwood Springs Hot Springs
Vail Colorado
This past weekend we headed off to Glenwood Springs with our friends, Matt and Kari. If you missed out on the cold front, let me just tell you that it was bitterly cold.  Painful to be outside, in fact.

After a long, icy road trip we headed to our hotel for the night and woke up Saturday morning determined to visit the hot springs despite the cold weather.

The hot springs turned out to be fantastic in the below-freezing temperatures. Kari and I decided to keep our hats on and stayed nice and toasty in the warm water. Not sure how our bald husbands survived without any head insulation, but maybe when you don’t have hair and don’t have to worry about ice forming in it, it’s not so bad?

After a few hours we went to lunch, back to the hotel for naps, then back to the hot springs that evening for round two! It was even chillier this time, and apparently it’s what all the local teenagers do on the weekend as the pool was a lot more crowded the second time. It was still fun though, I highly recommend visiting!

Sunday morning we headed to Vail so Matt and Anthony could go skiing and snowboarding respectively. Kari and I wandered the town a bit, but it was too cold, so for the most part we just hung out at the cafe at the bottom of the hill and chatted while watching people come down the hill. I felt a bit lame, since I’m the only one in the group who can’t ski or snowboard, hopefully next year that won’t be the case.

It was a fun weekend and I’m looking forward to our next adventure!

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