Crawfish Boil

Crawfish Boil //

Crawfish Boil //

Crawfish Boil //

Sometimes, we get bored.

Then when our landlady mentions there are a bunch of crawfish in the creek behind our house, we decide to go crawfishing and have a crawfish boil.

Of course, we’d never done such a thing before, but thankfully, lots of people on the internet have!

We walked down the creek with a net and a stick, and to catch the crawfish we would place the net behind them in the water, then poke them in the front with the stick.

Since crawfish swim backwards, they’d shoot into the net and then we’d carry them all in a bucket.

Anthony did most of the catching, and I did most of the screaming when they’d swim into my legs or he’d put them too close to my face.

Side note: I hate things that live in water. They creep me out.

So we caught a bunch of crawfish, and our landlady’s two-year-old grandson declared several times that they were “beautiful” though he didn’t want to touch them and freaked out when Anthony put one (cooked) on his shoulder.

Then we cleaned them up, boiled them, and ate them.

I can’t really say I was a fan. They were okay, but hard to eat, and the “mustard” inside grossed me out.

No sucking out their heads for us.

Gyahhhh. Just thinking about it makes me gag.

It was fun, but doubt we’ll be doing it again anytime soon!



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  1. Things that live in water freak me out too; I don’t mind them, I’d just prefer not to eat them or have them touch me 😛

    Segue – is that cherry Pepsi?!

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