Kitchen Progress! 1/7/15

before and after painting the cabinets

After a few weeks, we finally have our kitchen cabinets back up! I will write a post on how we did them once I can take a proper after photo (with new counters, a floor, and appliances in place), but let me tell you, this is not something I really recommend doing. SIX hours of sanding, and SIX DAYS of painting–and all anyone comments on is how nice the handles look. Overall I wouldn’t say painting cabinets is difficult, but it’s really time consuming and tedious. My hands still haven’t quite un-cramped from holding a paintbrush nonstop for a week.

Now that the cabinets are looking pretty spiffy, we will be getting new countertops. We debated over getting quartz, which is my dream countertop, but in the end they would have been too nice to put on 60-year-old cabinets. So we’ll save a lot of money and get some nice laminate counters which will be just fine in our 1958 ranch.

For flooring…man, what a hassle. We originally had tile over three layers of linoleum which was a BEAST to get up. We ended up getting some help from a guy off Craigslist. Then, the great debate began. Tile would be a problem because the subfloor is nearly level with the hardwoods (this home was designed for linoleum floors) and would be a big transition. And as practical as linoleum is, we couldn’t find any we actually liked. We briefly thought about cork as we had heard good things about it, but soon found out that it can swell with moisture (no good for a kitchen). So a dark wood-like laminate was our final decision. And we’re gonna try to install it ourselves. We’ll see if we’re still married by the end of it.

Right now, we’re in a rush to get an electrician in, because after removing the dishwasher we found that there’s no ground wire or anything and Home Depot won’t install our new one with the electrical the way it is. So we’ll get that fixed as well as get those 2-prong outlets changed to GFCIs so we don’t electrocute ourselves when we use the kitchen.

We’re hoping to be moved in within the next two weeks–we’ll see how much of a kitchen we have at that point and just pretend we’re camping or something if it’s not done. That’ll be fun, right?