House Progress 1/28/15

home reno progress jan 28 //

Laminate floors we laid ourselves, and our messy office that still needs unpacking!

Things have been crazy.

I don’t say that sarcastically. I say that in all seriousness.

I might be losing it.

We finally moved into our new house. Our landlady didn’t want us to go. She needs the income. But it’s not our fault we were kicked out so her daughter could move in, then her daughter flaked on her and moved back to Florida.

So we left, mid-January, despite our landlady’s offer of staying until our house was renovated.

I’d been slowly moving items to the house for a while, but was still surprised at just how much we had left. Even though we only moved out here a year ago, we somehow accumulated a fair amount of junk. Which was easier to throw in the car and move, than to sort through first.

On Monday we were finally “moved in” meaning we no longer had things at our apartment, and instead all of our belongings were crammed into a few rooms at the house, and still in boxes. The most necessary rooms, the kitchen and bathroom, can’t be moved into until the renovations are complete, so walking through the living room means dodging pots and pans and stumbling over cans of tomato sauce.

But we’re finally in our house.

After moving in, we had a few things scheduled to happen pretty quickly. None of which occurred.

The contractor was supposed to start work on Monday. This was after he had delayed from the previous Monday. He’s now starting on Thursday. Wait scratch that, next Monday.

Internet was supposed to be installed on Wednesday, but was delayed until the following Wednesday. After an irate phone call it was installed on Friday, but at the cost of drilling holes in our hardwood floors.

The appliances were supposed to be delivered on Friday. They were, and were promptly sent back because they were dented.

Preparations for an upcoming trip (which included such fun things as yellow fever vaccinations and malaria pills) have been thrown in whenever possible–causing added stress to an already stressful move and renovation.

Most of the renovation meetings, travel prep, and organization has fallen to me. Which makes sense as Anthony’s work doesn’t allow him much flexibility. However, I may very well stab the next contractor who delays work or damages my house. I have been cramming in client work whenever possible which means my days have been 12+ hours of working on the house, working on client projects, following up with contractors, and prepping for our trip.

Sometimes it would just be nice if people did what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it.


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