Dining Room Remodel

Dining Room Remodel // anthonyanderin.com

Dining Room Before - blank space with an ugly brass lamp

Dining Room Remodel After - dining room with mid-century dining set

A dining room isn’t always a very exciting remodel. In general, most dining rooms get a little bit of paint, maybe a new light fixture, and ta-da! Done. Ours was pretty much that–plus taking down a wall to open it to the kitchen.

Dining Room Remodel - Before: view of front door/living room

Dining Room Remodel - After: view of front door/living room

Our front door actually opens directly into the dining room, so we needed it to make a great first-impression. Painting the walls grey (Sterling by Behr) unified the space with the rest of the house, and creates a calm and neutral palette.

The dining set was a great deal on Craigslist–just $300 and it’s in great shape (the chairs could stand to be reupholstered, but that’s okay). Anthony wanted a Sputnik light, so when I saw one for 50% off online I jumped on it. It still wasn’t cheap, but it really helps make the room!

Dining Room Remodel - Before: view of front window with blinds

Dining Room Remodel - After: view of front window with curtains

I know, some of you are probably going, “Yikes! Your curtains are too short!” but they’re too short on purpose. We have radiant baseboard heat, and if the curtains were longer, they’d block the heat from entering the room, and all we’d get warm are our windows. Maybe I should shorten them more so they don’t look so funny?

Our liquor cabinet was another Craigslist find, for something like $175.

You can’t tell in the photos, but the shelf that holds our beer glasses was made by Anthony and has some glow-in-the-dark resin filling in the knot holes.

Dining Room Remodel - Before: view of wall separating dining room and kitchen

Dining Room/Kitchen Remodel - After: wall between kitchen and dining room opened up to make one space

We had a contractor remove the wall for us (he had to install a header) which really opened up the space, gave us extra seating, and makes our kitchen SO much nicer! More about that in the next post!