Anthony and Erin

Our story

We met in Garmisch, Germany, in 2008 when we were both working for a US military hotel. We quickly became friends, started dating, and went on all sorts of fun trips together!

About a year after meeting, we returned to the US and settled in Indiana for a few years. We got married on a cruise in 2013 and added a few more locations to our “where we’ve been” list, then decided it was time for a new adventure, packed up, and moved to Denver, Colorado to start a new chapter in our lives. Follow along as we hike, camp, and travel around Colorado!

Anthony hanging out by the creek at the dunes


Internal auditor by day, gamer by night. Anthony stays active by biking to and from the office. lifting weights, and forcing Erin to go on longer hikes than she wants to. On adventures, Anthony is in charge of the navigation, campsite setup, and lifting heavy objects.

Erin snapping selfies


Self-employed web designer by day, Netflix junkie by night. Erin spends her days running her own business, and doing her best to remember to eat lunch. On adventures Erin is in charge of photography, videography, and making sure everything actually makes it on the trip. Also, feeding Anthony snacks while he drives.

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