Matthews Winters Park Hike

Matthews Winters Park Hike near Denver Colorado //

Last week, my friend Shawnelle was in town! Shawnelle and I met in Germany about six years ago when we worked for the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort (that's where I met Anthony too!), and quickly became friends. I don't get to see her often since she lives in California, so when Shawnelle wanted to visit … Continue reading Matthews Winters Park Hike

Ptarmigan Lake A few weeks ago, Anthony and I headed out to Ptarmigan Lake near Buena Vista, Colorado. Apparently there's another Ptarmigan Lake up near Estes Park, but we haven't been to that one yet! Anyhow, I had started off the day in a really bad mood--our upstairs neighbors are very loud and waking up to their … Continue reading Ptarmigan Lake